Tourists for destination their trips willingly
choose France . Similar tours
usually are very successful , because they allow
rest {nice surroundings | in beautiful surroundings,
getting to know other people and seeing historic monuments
objects, known mainly from the Internet . By however
journey could have been really successful , must
earlier set her plan . Fortunately
around Paris there are so many attractive places that incl.
country you can live for long years ​​and neither
a little get bored with it don’t get bored .

Schedule trips must be included
Loire area or more specifically Dam Castle. {There is
this is | one of the six , similar constructions,
located right next to it
of the longest river France . Name castle has
specific meaning, because according to many sources
Dam Castle
constructed its six owners. Apart from that in
around the Loire you can simply in the world rest, savoring unusual views. It will be short , however very nice break . And if human recovers
backing energy, maybe go to
intended discovering the city. In this situation
should go to Cathedral of Notre-Dam de Paris ,
located in Paris . This is is one of the most popular buildings of this type world, distinctive
itself style gothic. People could have heard of her , if picked up book Victor Hugo . Trip French surely
not be but glamorous, if during it
tourist won’t go to unquestionably
the most popular, French monument , that is
Eiffel Tower . It tallest objects
construction site all over France what amazes everyone
tourist. Iron Lady {is situated | on the Seine i
always makes a huge impression. Built in 1889 , and to this day stands in almost
identical condition, also visitors no problem
they will visit . And if you will look back this monument, you can
admit that that trip was really attractive.
France definitely should visit everyone,
who only {is called | that he is tourist . It’s finally
extremely beautiful country , becoming place
destination diverse travel . Plus , during
such departure you can take it easy enlarge
knowledge, discovering history
various cities and making acquaintances with
indigenous French. Also children
they will enchanted such trip , when only
{they will be taken to place {wonderful | best

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